Mr. president

Posted on 29 januari 2017


Mr. president

I am an Iranian woman living in The Netherlands. I have a dual nationality and just one passport (the Dutch one), and I am not allowed to travel to Iran because my thoughts are different from those of the Iranian government.

I believe in freedom of speech and in sexual diversity. Two tough subjects which are not tolerated by the Iranian authorities.

Twenty-four years ago, the Dutch government gave me a safe place to live (a home) and the opportunity to start a new life in this country.

Now, you deny my travels to the U.S. because of my dual nationality. I am punished by you and by the one you think to fight. It’s funny. Isn’t it?

Except being funny, it’s confusing what you are doing too, sir. You say to stop terrorism by banning Muslims, which means that you believe that all Muslims are terrorists. Apparently, you think that all Iranians are Muslims too, because they have an Islamic government, which means that all of them are terrorists.
I originally come from Iran. In your point of view, I would be a Muslim and automatically a terrorist. I can prove that I do not believe in any religion. But I am still someone who has the Iranian nationality also. How are you going to handle it? Am I a terrorist or not?
And what about the people from Saudi Arabia? They are Muslims and the tough one too.
Osama bin Laden and other terrorists in de U.S. came from that country and certainly, not from Iran. Why do you not ban them?
Do you ban people because of their nationality or their faith? It’s certainly not because of their acts. You can impossible know the history of millions of individuals.

Forgive me for not understanding your policy, sir. And no, I am not saying that you must deny the travels of the ordinary people from Saudi Arabia or another Muslim country to the U.S.
I do very well know what kind of damages a nation can suffer, because of banning and isolation. It has been happening to the Iranian nation during the last 3 decades.
I am just telling you that it is a very unfair, unpleasant and even dangerous game you are playing. The history has faced such acts before. Please, do not repeat it.
Not every Muslim, Iranian, Iraqi or any other nation is a terrorist, neither any Jew was a spy when the U.S. government refused giving Jewish people visa’s during the II world war.

You are the president of a powerful country. The country which can build many walls around the world and technically win every war it starts.
But building walls between the nations and making wars are uncivilized and weak ways to fix things which we can and must fix by a strong ratio and a big heart, via dialog. When the weak people fail making bridges, the walls are built and the wars begin, by them.

Be careful Mr. president. Use your ratio, if not your heart, by making such drastic decisions. The world is already sick of walls and wars.

Be a winner, our history knows enough losers.

My very best wishes
Ferdows Kazemi


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